Confidence Is Key For Young Female Executives

Taking on a senior position as a young woman can be a daunting experience, especially when you are in a male dominated industry.

Kellie Northwood, Executive Director, Australian Catalogue Association (ACA), says confidence is key for young female executives. The trick is to not to worry if you say something wrong as you’ll learn from it for next time.

“I feel younger women may not have enough confidence to speak up in a meeting and voice their opinions. I remember in my early twenties sitting in meetings, too scared to take a sip of my coffee, let alone contribute to a conversation out loud. As the meeting progressed, some very senior executives would say things I had been thinking and I’d wish I had spoken up more,” Kellie says.

At age 36, in addition to her role at ACA, Kellie is also the Executive Director of Xsd, a brand and communications agency, and Two Sides Australia, a movement to raise awareness about the environmental credentials and effectiveness of paper and print.