The Team

Phillip Mariette


With over twenty-two years delivering Creative Services, Phil knows how to design. More than that, he knows how to use visual language to build company messages and most critically dialogue with customers. A career spanning across corporate, bespoke and diverse design campaigns he brings to the team strong leadership in developing inspiring creative. He is also the neat freak of the crew and is often found with the vac-pack on his back humming a Van Morrison tune through the office. 


Kellie Northwood

Executive Director

The ‘Marketeer’ in the room has an undying passion to deliver effective communications that realise true results to our client’s bottom line. Whilst Kellie is known by reputation as the golden girl of the print industry, she is insistent on the critical role digital and other media plays in our multi-channel world today. Often cited as the ‘brains trust’ what Kellie doesn’t know about marketing effectiveness is not worth knowing. On top of all that she keeps us boys in check with her calming voice of reason and no-nonsense approach when we get rowdy.



Marketing & Event Executive

The marketer in the making, Sean has a focused specialty on event management. With a Masters in Marketing and enough international travel to put Mike Spencer Bown in his box, Sean brings a strong dedication to marketing theory and application. He drives projects and events to a level of perfection and refuses to settle for anything but the best for his clients. A joker, a rugby player and a bloke who can eat more cottage cheese than Australia can produce, Sean is the resident Saffa who keeps the crew laughing with his accent and detailed commitment to finding everything odd about Australian colloquialisms.


Victoria Fratin

Marketing & Communications Executive

Our newest 'marketeer' and keeping with the international flavour, Victoria joins the team from Toronto, Canada. Victoria is a marketing and sustainability specialist with several years of experience working at a variety of environmental organisations.  Her focus is on the Value of Paper and Print and Two Sides campaigns marketing a powerful media channel and building the environmental credential messaging of the paper industry throughout Australia and New Zealand. Victoria's communications expertise and passion for delivering engaging content are key, as well as her no-nonsense approach in a studio full of testosterone, she happily chomps her veggie tofu burgers and green juice concoctions while keeping the boys, including Charlie, in line.


Tim Hancock


With a signage background and strong career in creative design and direction, Tim is our ‘golden boy’. Tim is an award-winning creative and firmly establishing his credentials amongst the best within the exclusive Melbourne design fraternity. Aside from creative excellence, he took out 2015 ‘Father of the Year Award’ and is devoted to his little man and lady. A gem to work with, voted ‘Most Popular’ with clients and colleagues alike, just be sure to bring the Mixed bag of M&Ms, he’s not too keen on the peanut option.



David gilbert-kent

Digital Designer

Our pin-up boy and genuine digital master. What Dave can’t do to a website, ain’t worth doing. Whilst Tim might be charging forth on the print, Dave is owning the digital. He leads the team in web, EDM, SEO, portal development and more. A disciplined creative background, Dave applies his strong design skills and digital expertise to bring digital to life for our clients. Don’t let his genius throw you off, he’s one of the ‘boys’ with his passion for a cold frothy and parma at the pub.



Nick mcgovern


Our newest design guru, Nick holds an honours degree in communication design and brings to the team a strong attention to detail and language. Nick works closely with Tim, Dave and the team on developing and executing design across all channels. He is the most chilled man in the room, with a cheeky wit and keen eye. Clients love him for his responsiveness and ‘can-do’ approach, we love him for his obscure coffee references and cheesy playlists.