The Team

Phillip Mariette


With over twenty-two years delivering Creative Services, Phil knows how to design. More than that, he knows how to use visual language to build company messages and most critically dialogue with customers. A career spanning across corporate, bespoke and diverse design campaigns he brings to the team strong leadership in developing inspiring creative. He is also the neat freak of the crew and is often found with the vac-pack on his back humming a Van Morrison tune through the office. 


Kellie Northwood

Executive Director

The ‘Marketeer’ in the room has an undying passion to deliver effective communications that realise true results to our client’s bottom line. Whilst Kellie is known by reputation as the golden girl of the print industry, she is insistent on the critical role digital and other media plays in our multi-channel world today. Often cited as the ‘brains trust’ what Kellie doesn’t know about marketing effectiveness is not worth knowing. On top of all that she keeps us boys in check with her calming voice of reason and no-nonsense approach when we get rowdy.



Senior Designer

Nicholas is a home grown creative director developing attractive corporate and retail brands from zero-to-hero. A creative with core skills in both; hand made and computer design plus tons of experience in crafting identity design, branding, layout, web design and development. Nicholas is service oriented and a hands-on creative who works directly on client projects. He's an adaptive thinker moving swiftly from a birds-eye view of any project to a detailed perspective. He has a considered and creative approach and loves a challenge. Give him a pencil or a computer and he will be able to positively show you an effective approach. He's the out-of-the-box solution person we often turn to for impact.


Victoria Fratin

Marketing & Communications Manager

One of the 'marketeers' and editor of the VoPP Mag, Victoria joins the team from Toronto, Canada. Her focus is on the Value of Paper and Print and Two Sides campaigns marketing a powerful media channel throughout Australia and New Zealand. Clients appreciate her communications expertise and passion for delivering engaging content, but we know her as the veggie tofu burger chomping, self-proclaimed ergonomics professional and in-house yogi master.



Marketing & Communications Executive

Experienced in the arts and NFP sectors with a background in Political Science and Public policy. Carole creates strategic marketing campaigns and has been instrumental in the success of the Keep Me Posted campaign. Carole has experience in integrated digital communications strategies, planning and organisation skills across several cultural, artistic events, talks and debates. She has international experience facilitating collaboration between different nations and has worked with several diplomatic, governmental and cultural institutions. Carole develops concepts, content and implements strategies for campaigns to support the value of paper and print - including communication and marketing material for both web and print. She also brings into the studio some wonderful croissants after holidays abroad.


Nick mcgovern


A bona-fide design guru with strong attention to detail, typography, layout and language, Nick works closely with the team on developing and executing design across all channels. He is the most chilled man in the room and possesses a cheeky wit and keen eye. Clients love him for his responsiveness and ‘can-do’ approach, we love him for his obscure 1990’s pop culture references and killer playlists.